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Little beats an amazing air conditioning system installed by Clean Air. Our air conditioners create an oasis of comfort in which to live, work and sleep.

Let our experienced air conditioning engineers fit the perfect air conditioner for you. We promise the the right kit, at the right price, installed with minimal disruption. Afterwards we will provide the on going support only an air conditioning company who genuinely cares can.

We love what we do.  We are proud of our work, and it shows. Clean Air have a history in air conditioning and ventilation that goes back over thirty years. We have grown to be one of the largest independent B2B heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors in the U.K. We are a team you can rely upon. 

Cool, Heat and Purify Air


Chill. Super cool units for a super cool world.

On a stiflingly hot summers day there is little to match a home air conditioning system fitted by the expert engineers at Clean Air. Forget over heated and stuffy. Look forward to cool and comfortable. 


Warm. Heat as effectively as you cool.

A home air conditioner is not just for the summer. Did you know that your air conditioner is a super efficient heater too? It is perfectly suited to modern lifestyles. Want to heat just those spaces where you spend most of your time? A kitchen, dining or living area, or an open plan combination? Easy! It’s off or down with your central heating and on with your AC. Now that’s heating efficiency!

Our air conditioners are able to produce 3 kilowatts of heat for just 1 kilowatt of electricity… and you only need warm the areas you actually use.


Purify. Clean Air, the value is in our name.

All the while your air conditioner is busy cooling or heating it will also be helping to clean the air in your home. The models we recommend our particularly good at this. They filter noxious air particles, trap allergens and help remove odours and microscopic dust particles. They are also among the most energy efficient air conditioners available. It’s a must for the planet, not just low running costs.

It all adds up to a lot of comfort at home. We call this Clean Air Living.

Why choose Clean Air?
Value + Expertise = A Great Deal

We promise proper value for money and the assurance of an expert installation by qualified air conditioning engineers. The bottom line is that we are very good at what we do and we promise to do a super job for you.

Enjoy 0% VAT on qualifying air conditioning systems (air to air) right now**

The Best Air Conditioner

So you know the best team to buy your air conditioning from, but what about the best air conditioner? That’s more difficult. So much depends upon your home – it’s fabrication and thermal properties – but more importantly what will suit your needs best. Nevertheless here are a few of our current favourite air conditioners. It may be because they are particularly stylish, exceptionally quiet yet powerful or simply offer incredible value for money. 

Choosing between the many great air conditioners can seem daunting. Actually it’s easy –  let our experts guide you. They have years of experience and know the top performing models. A good first step for an informed recommendation is often for us to visit your home and survey. 

So browse away and then give us a call, or use our quick contact formVery soon you could be enjoying a super comfortable climate at home and all at a surprisingly small cost. That will be Clean Air Living.

Daikin air conditioner Domestic AC FTX-KVM-Series-MSZ-HR-and-TP-air-conditionersThese popular air conditioners from Daikin and Mitsubishi set the benchmark for great design, functionality and performance. 

Daikin FTX-KV (click to download brochure):  This home air conditioner offers exceptional value with the inclusion of many advanced features as standard, for example titanium photocatalytic filters (to help provide a supply of clean air in the room) and a remote control with a daily timer. 

The Mitsubishi MSZ/Y  (click to download brochure): This air conditioner (with capacities up to 7.1kW) also offers good value and many advanced features as standard such as inverter technology utilising lower GWP R32 refrigerant. 

This is wall sculpture…

The first thing you will notice about the elegant Daikin Emura FTYS Series air conditioner is the curving facia.  It lends it a sculpted silhouette that looks superb. It is available in white and silver that compliments the latest in interior design fashion.

Reflecting the latest trend in trend in air conditioning, the Daikin Emura uses air-to-air heat pumps to extract heat from the air and inverter technology.  This means air can be cooled or heated with less energy and so minimise running costs.

The nitty gritty…

Up to 5 indoor units can be connected with a single outdoor unit. Or, if it using a Mini VRV outdoor unit, up to 9 indoor units (the system will need two or three BPMK boxes to allow connection of the split indoor units).

And the clever…

Like the Mitsubishi MSZ-LN air conditioner, the Emura features a 2 area motion detector smart sensor that can identify if anyone is in the room or how long it is empty.  It then adjusts its settings based on the activity it sees. Aside from saving energy, this means it can also guide chilled air to flow where people are not.  This way unwelcome drafts can be avoided.

The Daikin Emura Air Conditioner also boasts some clever features to assist with indoor air quality and help keep it healthy and clean. For example the titanium apatite deodorising filter decomposes odours, and a silver allergen removal and air purifying filter traps 99% of allergens such as dust mites and pollen.

In addition to a sophisticated remote control, it can also be controlled online from any location with an app, or via your local network or internet.


Zen by name and by natureM-Series-MSZ-EF-Zen-Silve

Quiet yet powerful performance and an impressively low power consumption make the latest Zen units from Mitsubishi an irresistible proposition. Their distinctively styled front panel will blend in naturally wherever they are installed and complement a modern interior décor. Available in: 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW.

Or the higher power Mitsubishi MSZ-AP 

This mid-range wall mounted unit combines energy efficiency with a modern white design. Boasting numerous features, the VGK models even include Wi-Fi control as standard.

Comfortable and efficient, these air conditioning units are not just aesthetically appealing, they also whisper quiet for a consistently comfortable environment day or night.

Available in: 1.5kW, 2.0kW, 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 4.2kW, 5.0kW, 6.1kW, 7.1kW

The Mitsubishi MSZ LN is a premium wall mounted air conditioner that blends energy efficiency with a sophisticated streamlined design. Finished in a variety of deep, rich colours, these designs literally sparkle their splendour.  Oozing style and premium quality, and with all the latest product innovations that will enhance your experience, what is not to like?

Features include:

  • A Double Flap to independently guide the flow of air in various directions and cool or heat a room to the perfect temperature for you
  • The Plasma Quad Plus filter helps render harmless any bacteria and viruses in the ambient air. It is also effective at removing microparticles and moulds
  • A 3D i-see sensor boosts the level of comfort by detecting the presence and position of persons in the room and adjusting the air conditioning and and air flow to match. This also helps save energy.
  • Hyper Heating technology further improves the heating capacity of the air conditioning system and makes it possible to maintain 100 % of the heating capacity at ambient temperatures as low as −15 °C
  • Control via MEL Cloud app
  • Available in: 1.8kW, 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 6.1kW


and five top air con tips...

There are a variety of stylish wall air conditioners on the market, from budget to premium. If you have more than one room, or an especially large space to cool or heat, you will need more than one air conditioner linked to an outside unit. Our surveyors will guide you through your choices and help select the right air conditioner for you. They have years of experience and know the good, from the bad, from the ugly. Whichever air conditioner it will represent the optimal cooling solution for your home.

Budget or premium air conditioner? Your choice. You may be surprised at what good value an installed air conditioning system can be. And really there are no catches. Providing, that is, you use a reputable air conditioning installer like Clean Air.

The thing is that even our budget air conditioners look sleek and, if you stick to our recommendations, they are likely to share similar technical specification to many a more expensive unit. For true beauty and style you may well be tempted by a premium air conditioner.  We understand why. The current range of air con units from Mitsubishi and Daikin look simply stunning. And by combining performance and function with designer appeal they represent the pinnacle in air cooling, air heating and air management.

So, whatever the weather outside, go ahead and create your perfect environment inside. Book a Free Survey Today

domestic air con home

Air Conditioning to suit every room in your home

Indoor units that look beautiful…

There are indoor units to suit every room in your home. From living room to kitchen, bedroom to home office, home gym to pool room.  Our experienced design engineers will help you choose what is right for you.

You will find some air conditioners that seek to make a statement and are very sleek and stylish.  And others that aim to be more discrete, using ducts and ceiling vents to disguise their presence. They can be mounted high or low.  

  • High wall mounted units (sleek and stylish)
  • Low wall mounted units (a bit like a designer radiator)
  • Ceiling cassettes (the discrete option that is usually ceiling mounted)
  • Slim-ducted units (even more discrete, all you’ll see are the ventilation grills of the outlets, air is directed to the outlets through insulated ducts, each of which can contain a damper to provide control of the air flow to individual rooms.)*

…connected to outdoor units that do the graft

Installed systems usually comprise an outdoor unit. In this is a fan that connects to an indoor unit via two insulated pipes that contain a refrigerant, invariably R32 because it has a low Global Warming Potential.


What size air conditioning system will suit me?

A good starting point for deciding which air conditioning system you need in your home is to consider the size of the ac unit(S) that is required. Also how much flexibility you want to control the temperature of individual rooms.

Small and simple – single unit air con

A single high or low wall air conditioning unit links to an an outdoor unit for simple but effective air conditioning of a single room. 

Larger – up to 4 unit air conditioning system

If you have more than one room, or a particularly large room, a split air conditioner may be the answer. Up to 4 indoor units are linked to a single outdoor unit. They all operate together. In other words they are all either on or off, and cooling or heating as one.

Largest – multiple room AC

Efficient and powerful, the next step up is the multi-split air conditioning system. A single outdoor unit can serve up to eight rooms.  Importantly, each indoor unit can be individually controlled to heat or cool each room to climate controlled perfection. This flexibility offers the ultimate comfort about the home.

* A note on ducted units…  Ducted air conditioning is likely to be best suited to new build homes rather than as a retro-fit.  This is not to say it cannot be done, but often the disruptive building work may make this a less appealing route.  

clean air living air con

A ducted air conditioning system is the way to enjoy the perfect room temperature in the most unobtrusive way possible.  It quietly gets on with the job in hand and maintains an optimal climate controlled environment. All day, every day.  For discrete performance and supreme comfort, nothing else quite beats it.

It is the most expensive form of air conditioning to install. Also, it may not be possible as a retro fit in some domestic properties. This is because of the prohibitive cost of enabling building works. But do not let this put you off.  No matter how big or small the job, our surveyor will visit your property and advise what is possible in your home. There is no charge for this service. So, please go ahead and book your free site survey here


How does ducted air conditioning work?

Ducted installations distribute a stream of conditioned air to your rooms via discreet grilles. These are usually sited within the ceiling. To cool, heat and circulate air an air outlet and return air inlet is used. The ducts will be neatly run within the roof or ceiling space so that all that you actually see are the grilles.

Quiet and powerful performance is a given. This form of air conditioning is one of the most versatile of all the climate control solutions. Above all, this is the perfect way to achieve a balanced and gentle airflow. Especially within larger homes or room spaces.  This said, installation of these systems requires an experienced engineer with qualifications to match. Clean Air has installed such air conditioning systems for over thirty years. Our engineers are highly trained professionals.  For example, you can be sure they will carefully calculate air flows and balance the ac system to suit.

For precise control of individual room temperatures you may require a number of ducted systems.  Or if you are happy to simply restrict air flow to individual rooms or zones, we can install dampers within the ducts.


One of the best ceiling air con units

At just 245mm high, this 4-Way Blow SLZ-M Ceiling Cassette from Mitsubishi is designed to fit snugly into narrow ceiling spaces. What you see is a stylish, slimline square grille.  And what you get is the latest energy-saving technologies and powerful performance.

More commonly found in commercial premises, this unit is also highly suited to domestic installations in it’s lower power variant.

Available in: 1.5kW, 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW

SEZ-M R32 Inverter Heat Pump

This Mitsubishi SLZM unit from the Mr Slim range is actually intended for commercial premises. This said, it is also suitable for many domestic applications. It is a small and compact unit,  and is concealed within the ceiling so as to be as unobtrusive as possible.  A low static pressure level means very low noise levels, and the latest energy-saving technologies make this clever unit  a great way to achieve discreet, comfortable and efficient air conditioning.

Available in: 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW, 7.1kW

home air con living roomSometimes a low floor or wall mounted air conditioner is preferable to one installed at a high level. They are often a great option for a dwarf wall in a conservatory, or a room with vaulted ceilings,  or simply to occupy a space under a window where a radiator might otherwise sit. The other big advantage is that they are easier to position out of primary sight lines. These are often important considerations and will outweigh the price premium over high level wall air conditioners.

In common with the latest range of heat pump inverter technology air conditioners, they will heat as well as cool. It is not uncommon to have  clients use them in place of a conventional radiator.  After all they promise a perfect temperature whatever the season and can often be the more energy efficient way to warm a room.

Our Clean Air Engineers will be able to guide you through the choices and then recommend the best option for your home. Book a free survey today!


Two of the Best Low Level Air Conditioners

The Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series
A striking, compact, asymmetric design cloaks technology that make the MFZ-KJ Series an extremely versatile and capable air conditioner.
There are three features which make this an outstanding air conditioner.
First is the auto swing vane. The MFZ-KJ air conditioner deploys three unique shaped vanes to ensure optimum air distribution for a more natural airflow throughout the room. This means it performs brilliantly, as a cooler or as a heater. A clever addition is the hot start for draft prevention.
Second, the MFZ-KJ features a clever Econo Cool setting that allows the set temperature to be raised by 2 degrees C without a loss of comfort but can offer a 20% gain in energy efficiency.
Finally, it has an effective Anti-Allergy Enzyme filter – artificial enzymecatalyst on the filament – to help catch allergens, dust and odours.
The Daikin Nexura FVXG-K

The Nexura retains the familiar and stylish Daikin curves. As a design statement it is a winner, and certainly stands out from the crowd aesthetically speaking.

More importantly perhaps, under the hood of this low level air conditioner, are features that mean it performs a treat too. Daikin market the Nexura as ‘the best of two worlds united’.  It is easy to see why given its obvious capabilities in both the cooling and heating departments.

Key Features that make the Nexura stand out

When it comes to heating the Nexura has an ace up its sleeve. It features a unique aluminium part to the front panel that warms and radiates heat, just like a traditional radiator.

The rapid cooling or heating mode is also very effective for when instant an boost – either to warm or cool – is required.

The titanium apatite deodorising filter is also worth a mention. It helps capture harmful organic chemical substances such as bacteria, viruses and allergens, airborne dust particles and remove unwanted odours.

Finally, you will certainly appreciate the low noise levels. As little as 22dB(A) in cooling mode, and 19dB(A) in radiant heat mode. Not bad, considering ambient sound in a quiet room may average around 40dB(A).

It can be wall mounted, or recessed in to it,  and at just 600 mm high it is usually a perfect fit beneath a window. When installed as VRV for residential application, up to 9 indoor units can be individually be operated within the same mode and connected to just one outdoor unit. Product Features

Purify your air

Improved air quality and comfort at home begins with air purity. The good news is that air conditioning provides the perfect opportunity to clean and purify the air that circulates your home.

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