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Cooling and fresh air ventilation for big spaces at a low cost…​

Evaporative Cooling delivers reliable, high power cooling and ventilation to your premises at a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning.

Evaporative air coolers use only fresh air and chilling pads to deliver a powerful and continuous flow of fresh, filtered cool air.  Hot air, along with pollutants, are expelled through roof vents, open windows or doors (yes, these can be left open!). 

This is cooling and ventilation in one highly efficient and economical air change unit.

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Key Features

Ten reasons to choose Evaporative Cooling and Ventilation

Natural choice

We sell. We install. And then we support you. Brilliantly.

Clean Air were one of the first to supply commercial evap coolers to the UK. It is quite likely we have installed more evaporative cooling units in the UK than any other HVAC contractor.

Clean Air are the Official UK Distributor for Air Group Australia, manufacturer of the incredible Cool Breeze Maxima QMD230 Evaporative Cooler.  

the right kit installed by the right team, that’s Clean Air

Our hands-on relationships with our clients mean that we take the time to understand what you and your workspace require.  Trust in Clean Air to design, install and maintain an evaporative cooling system that is the perfect fit for you. 

Cool Breeze QMD230 Maxima

For fast and effective cooling and ventilation at a low cost, the Cool Breeze Maxima is the evaporative cooler to beat.

This is cooling and ventilation in one highly efficient and economical air change unit.

With its superior fan performance, high capacity Teco motors and massive cooling pads to maximise evaporation, the Maxima delivers BIG on every count.

  • BIG on ventilation
  • BIG on cooling
  • BIG on energy savings

More puff, less hot air

The Maxima is the only evaporative cooler in the UK to publish BSRIA test results.  Testimony to its superior performance and efficiency.

For warehouse or factory cooling nothing beats evaporative cooling,  and especially the Cool Breeze Maxima evaporative cooler.  Arrange a site survey with our specialist engineers today and learn more about how the Maxima can help you.


Power to Perform… Take it to the Max

  • DELIVERS 10,781 m3 of fresh filtered air every hour*
  • INVERTER motor runs at just 3.75A to lower running costs by up to 33% †
  • COOL BREEZE MAXIMA unit runs at less than 0.8kW thanks to 0.715kW motor
  • OPERATES at temperatures as low as 20 degrees
  • PRECISE comfort control with 100% variable speed control QUIET operation for lower noise intrusion
  • VENTILATION & AIR COOLING from a single high power unit 
  • NO CFC’s and minimal energy demands.


Key Features  

How does Evap Cooling Work?

Evaporative Cooling units work by controlling the temperature, movement, humidity, cleanliness and ventilation of the air inside a building.

Sometimes referred to as swamp coolers or simply evaporative air conditioning, these simple and highly effective units work by drawing a constant flow of fresh air over water-saturated pads. As the water evaporates from the pads, heat is removed from the air. The cooling process is much the same as the feeling you get at the seaside when a sea breeze passes over the ocean.

Cooling, Ventilation and Fresh Air

It is the best of both worlds. Not only do evap cooling units act as ‘air chillers’ and ventilate, they also filter dust and pollen, ensuring a breath-easy atmosphere. The constant air flow that is introduced to the premises displaces the hot, contaminated air, pushing it out through roof extract vents or open doors and windows. 

Clean and Green

The great thing about this cooling and ventilation system is that it uses water as its cooling agent and not potentially harmful chemical refrigerants. No wonder it scores high for its environmental credentials.

Why Clean Air are the Natural Choice for Evaporative Cooling

Few cooling technologies in the workplace have been as revolutionary or important as evaporative cooling. Clean Air were one of the first HVAC companies in the UK to recognise how this simple technology would change the world of cooling – be it for factories, warehouses, offices, server rooms or sports centres.

The story began back in 1998 with Clean Air’s first installation. Since then it has perhaps installed more evaporative cooling units than any other HVAC company in the UK. The head start provided Clean Air with advantages. Not least the opportunity to work with various manufacturers and assist in the development of evaporative cooling technologies. 

Twelve years ago we chose Air Group Australia, manufacturer of the legendary Cool Breeze evaporative cooler, as our preferred supplier and became the UK distributor.

The choice of Clean Air as the sole UK distributor for CoolBreeze was actually very easy for us. Clean Air’s experience and expertise in evaporative cooling technologies is immediately obvious. 

From the earliest days Clean Air has been a leader in the UK and, justifiably, they have earned a formidable reputation not just for the sheer number of units they have installed, but also for their exacting standards on site. 

As important is after sales care. Outstanding service and support is an essential element in our choice of partner. 

Clean Air simply set such exemplary standards others are left to follow.

Dion McConnell, General Manager, Air Group Australia 

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* Fan performance 10,781 m3/hr (100% fan speed corrected for standard temperature and pressure of 20 degrees C and 1013 mBar). As tested by BSRIA 6 June 2019.

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