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Air purification and air quality is important – not just for vulnerable groups with respiratory diseases and allergies – but increasingly for those who recognise the benefits of breathing air that is clean and healthy.  

Fortunately the world has moved on from the poorly ventilated and polluted homes and offices of past. One manufacturer in particular – Daikin – caught our eye for their domestic range of air purifiers and humidifiers.  Take a look at the two units below.  There are of course other models and makes available, so it is always worth asking our engineers for their advice.

Daikin Air Purifier MC55VB
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Air purifier with Streamer technology


Daikin’s Air Purifier is designed to help deal with harmful particles, as well as dust, odours, bacteria, moulds, pollen, pet hairs and mites and other allergens, leaving the indoor air healthier and cleaner.

The Streamer technology releases ions into the air by plasma discharge and combines them with components in the air to generate active components such as OH radicals with strong oxidising power.  

The air purifier takes in air from the front and side of the unit covering a wide area and using a high performance HEPA filter to catch fine particles of dust. The ambient air is then cleaned inside the air purifier and discharged from the top to cover an area up to 41m2.


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