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Want the right warehouse heater, factory heater, workshop heater, office heater, shop heater? Speak to the commercial and industrial heating experts at Clean Air.

Clean Air install integrated heating systems that are high performing and energy efficient. And with nationwide after sales support you can be sure that, no matter how complex the job, our dedicated team of commercial heating engineers will keep your factory, warehouse, school or office toasty and warm. Good for your work, wallet and world. 

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We have a huge range of Commercial Heaters and Industrial Heaters

Floor standing heater, air rotation heater, suspended unit heater, combination heater module, heater with ventilation, radiant heater, air curtain, destratification fan or air induction distribution. It is a bewildering array of commercial heaters to choose from! 

Or how about a commercial and industrial air to air heat pump which will help reduce your carbon emissions and your running expenses. Mitsubishi and Daikin have models that heat (as well as cool) large spaces, perfect for factory heating, warehouse heating or office heating.

Clean Air are here to help make your choice easy. Our expert heating engineers at Clean Air will guide you at every step.  From site survey to design and installation we design a heating system that will suit your premises and requirements perfectly. The price will be competitive, but more importantly our heaters will be the right kit for the job and installed just as they should be.

Suspended Heaters

The flexible, powerful and discreet way to heat large areas, especially when your floor space is better used for something else. 

Ideal for warehouses, factories and sports centres, these ultra efficient warm air heaters are big on performance but miserly on energy use. Which means lower operating costs and emissions, but a comfortably warm workplace.

Key features

  • 25kW to 137kW heat output 
  • Natural gas, propane or oil fired
  • Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions, ErP compliant
  • High thermal and seasonal space heating energy efficiency
  • Powerful air throw for improved heat distribution and reduced stratification

Floor Standing Cabinet Heaters 

Want a high power, horizontal or vertical, free blowing warm air cabinet heater with a Kw output to match the most stringent applications?  Choose a versatile, ErP compliant cabinet heater. It can be installed in the heated space, or plant room or even outside. 

Rotation heaters

Alternatively, consider a rotation heater. It is specifically designed to efficiently heat the largest, open plan warehouse or manufacturing facility. High efficiency axial fans move large volumes of air with uniform distribution that a conventional unit will not.

Key Features of a cabinet heater

  • Heat outputs from 30kW to 586kW
  • Natural gas, propane or oil fired
  • Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions
  • Min 91.5% thermal efficiencies (Nett CV)
  • ErP compliant
  • Powerful air throw for improved heat distribution and reduced stratification
  • Optional modulating supply air fan

Radiant Heaters

Reliable, efficient and simple, radiant heaters transmit infra-red energy.  The energy converts into heat when absorbed by solid objects and warms the surrounding area. Cold surfaces warm up first and heat migrates to where it is most needed, indoors and outdoors. 
Radiant heaters come in multiple types and can be configured to suit your exact requirements.  Primarily gas or electric, most can be varied between high and low capabilities for quicker recovery on the high fire and economical steady operation on the low fire. The latest electric quartz units are great for heating large areas with low running costs.

Variants of radiant heater 

  • Linear Single or U-Tube Forced & Vacuum Burner
  • Multi-burner Herringbone 
  • Continuous Vacuum Tube 
  • High Intensity 9-48Kw Gas Fired Radiant Plaque
  • Electric Quartz 

Water Heaters

The Clean Air range of natural gas and LPG boilers provide a high power, low cost answer to a wide range of heating and/or hot water requirements.

Our engineers will design an integrated heating system to meet your specific requirements. Correct specification of heater units is usually just the beginning of good industrial heating design. Airflow will need to be balanced, condensation managed and an advanced diagnostics system installed to monitor and manage performance.

High performance floor standing boilers

Floor mounted boilers – either condensing on non-condensing – can be supplied as independent units or combined in module ‘arrays’ to provide outputs of up to about 1050kW.

With a range of high/low or fully modulating matched burners these high efficiency, high capacity units deliver robust and economical performance at a reduced cost to the environment.

Compact and efficient wall mount boilers

Convenient and smaller than traditional boilers, wall-hung condensing boilers can be used individually or be combined in multiples to provide an output each of between about 40kW and 150kW. They are also available with frames for floor standing.

Some offer a condensing performance with up to 109% net seasonal efficiency. Fully modulating burners match building loads accurately and ensure efficient energy use. Where modules are combined sophisticated controls optimise sequencing and different temperature circuits – for example, underfloor, radiator or hot water – to meet demand efficiently.

Door Hot Air Curtains

Air curtains help to retain heat and cool air in buildings that have their doors open for long periods at a time. Effectively a fan that blows evenly across the threshold, an air curtain creates a ‘wall’ of air that maintains the temperature inside a building. Whether you choose to heat the air by electricity or hot water, or leave it at ambient temperature, the air curtain will minimise draughts and heat loss and help to conserve energy, potentially cutting your bill.  

Key Features

  • prevents escape of hot or cold air
  • save up to 30% on heating costs
  • can be integrated into a BMS system
  • can include thermostatic controls
  • electric or heat pump (connects to VRF systems)

Destratification Fans 

With energy prices soaring, it makes sense to harness the heat that rises in your buildings, or the cool air that sinks to the floor.
Destratification fans re-circulate the air generated by your existing heating or air conditioning systems to ensure it is evenly distributed from ceiling to floor. 

Key Features

  • Up to 50% reduction in heating costs
  • Up to 40% reduction in cooling costs
  • Up to 40% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Costs from just £1 per month to run
  • Suitable for  3-30 metre ceiling heights
  • Helps reduce internal condensation
  • Fast and easy to install, with no ducting required
  • Simple, quiet and very low-maintenance

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