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For better air quality at work

Air quality

Proper ventilation has never been more important

It may sound obvious, but any workplace – be it industrial or commercial, factory or office, retail or restaurant, school or sports centre – needs to constantly circulate a fresh airstream to replace and ventilate stale and noxious air. 

The pandemic has made this a priority but it is a cause Clean Air have championed since 1989.  Not only is ventilation and air change fundamental to a productive and safe work environment, it also ensures machinery, components and products are not spoiled by fumes or condensation. 

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For effective air exchange, think space, think replace

Our engineers design and install bespoke ventilation systems that are perfectly suited to your space. There is no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution – buildings vary too much in structure, use and design.

A commercial or industrial ventilation system designed and installed by Clean Air covers a broad range of applications. From ventilation for factory or warehouse, sport and leisure, retail and hospitality, through to office accommodation.

commercial ventilation and cooling


The right kit installed by the right team, that's Clean Air

Clean Air stock a large range of air ventilation and diffusion hardware, used to and create individual systems bespoke to client requirements. As a starting point the forms of ventilation to consider are:


  • Ventilation and Heat Reclaim units for air conditioned climate control
  • Evaporative Air Conditioning for fresh air ventilation and cooling
  • Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Exchange units 
  • Mechanical Fan and Duct Ventilation to introduce fresh air and expel polluted hot air

Ventilation and Heat Reclaim

Combine with air conditioning for total control of your climate

We all know air conditioning offers precise climate control and that it is flexible and efficient. But what if you want exceptional ventilation as well?

Easy. You need to add a commercial heat recovery unit such as the Daikin VAM or Mitsibushi Lossnay. 

Combine these units with your air conditioning system and you now have the capability to remove stale air, recover the energy and then use it to warm, cool and filter fresh incoming air.


Heat Recovery units offer the best of all worlds…

They are the ideal way to ventilate offices, restaurants, schools, small shops, hotels and sports centres or even factories. 


Key features

  • Cool, heat, and filter air for optimum comfort
  • A single system reduces costs, from the time to install to the utilisation of space
  • Option for return air temperature control
  • Up to 30% savings can be achieved on initial capital costs by integration with your heating and cooling plant  
  • Clean Air are Mitsubishi Diamond and Daikin D1 Partners

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Fresh Air Ventilation and Cooling

If you need a continuous flow of fresh filtered air, you need Evaporative Cooling.

If you need to displace and expel hot polluted air from your building, you need Evap Cooling.

If you need air cooling and ventilation at a cost effective price, you need an Evaporative Cooler.

And if you need Evaporative Cooling in the UK, you most certainly need Clean Air.


Clean Air – your Natural Partner in Evap Cooling 

Clean Air have installed more evap coolers than perhaps any other company in the UK. 

Evaporative Cooling is a game changer in the world of cooling and air change and Clean Air were one of the first to bring this amazing, but simple, technology to the UK.  Clean Air are sole UK Distributors for Cool Breeze Evaporative Coolers.

Key features

  • Powerful – a single Maxima can introduce 10,781 mof chilled, fresh and filtered air each hour*
  • Effective – one Maxima can lower the temp of 360 m2 by up to 16°C
  • Economical – an evap cooler costs approx. £1 a day to run
  • Environmentally friendly, just fresh air, water and a little electric and no CFCs

Fan and Duct Ventilation?

You’ve come to the Right Place!

We have air diffusers, air exchangers, high velocity extract fans, low velocity input fans, aluminium ducts, fabric ducts, air socks, air vents, dampers, spigots, flanges, flues, in fact all that is necessary to create an air change systems that meets your needs perfectly. 

Ventilation Design

Introducing Fresh Air

Ventilation is all about air displacement. The skill is to introduce a supply of air into a room at the correct velocity, height and throw characteristics so as to simultaneously spread and direct air to multiple zones. And all in just the right quantities so that the fresh air you introduce mixes as you want it with the ambient air.  

Some air displacement systems are low velocity, others involve high volumes of air. Both usually work on the principal of targeting occupied areas with a continuous stream of temperature adjusted conditioned air at its freshest.


Extracting Polluted Air

As fresh air is directed to occupied zones, it is warmed by the heat sources in it, for example people, plant and processing.  The hot air then rises to the ceiling ready to be expelled together with the pollutants it contains. Sometimes the energy in it will be recovered to reuse.

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