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Over 30 years air conditioning experience counts

Choosing the right air conditioning unit and system is not easy. As one of the largest independents with over thirty years experience Clean Air can help you.

The requirements of office air conditioning systems will be very different from restaurant or retail air con, or warehouse cooling or air cooler units for industrial premises. 

That’s why, be it factory cooling and ventilation or climate control for the office, expert advice from the team of air conditioning engineers and designers at Clean Air is essential. Our hands-on relationships with our clients means we really do understand what different buildings and workspaces require when it comes to air quality and air conditioning.

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Commercial air conditioning units control the temperature, movement, humidity, cleanliness and ventilation of the air inside a building. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, air conditioners provide year-round climate control whatever the weather.

From VRF Inverter, Split and Multi Split to air conditioners with Ventilation and Heat Recovery capability there are a lot of air conditioning systems to consider. The key is knowing what air con system you need and the right people to install it. Good news – you are on the Clean Air website!

Our engineers receive regular professional training for an up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest products and technologies. Quite simply our engineers know the good, the bad and the brilliant!  As a leading UK commercial air conditioning contractor Clean Air work closely with all the major HVAC manufacturers. We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner (the highest level) and a Daikin D1 Partner.


Have you considered?

For low cost, high volume air cooling and ventilation, especially if you have a large area to service.

Chat now or enquire about commercial and industrial air to air heat pumps. Mitsubishi or Daikin have models capable of cooling and heating large spaces. They will help cut carbon emissions and reduce your costs. It’s a win-win.

Combine these clever units with your air conditioning system and you now have the capability to remove stale air, recover the energy and then use it to warm, cool and filter fresh incoming air. Heat recovery and ventilation systems will also work independently and do not necessarily need to be combined with an air conditioner.

VRF Inverter

Powerful, efficient and flexible climate control for larger premises

VRF (or VRV) air conditioning systems connect numerous indoor units to a single or modular outdoor unit (where a number of AC units link together). VRF air con offers high performance with optimum efficiency. It is especially suited to medium and large buildings.

Start with an Outdoor VRF Unit…

A single VRF air conditioning unit will serve up to 50 indoor units. These could be floor, ducted, ceiling, ceiling suspended, wall, air curtain, fresh air and water heating variants.

VRF air conditioners are available with heat pump and heat recovery technology. These air conditioners utilise increased external static pressure (up to 250pa) to provide full flexibility in air conditioning design.  

And connect  it to Indoor Units

Indoor VRF air conditioning units will often utilise ducts to provide the ultimate in climate control whilst maintaining building aesthetics, even within strict structural confines. Flexibile duct layout means air flow patterns can be customised to suit any application.

Options for cool or warm air distribution include:

  • ceiling cassettes
  • ceiling ducts and grills
  • ceiling suspended units
  • wall mounted  
  • floor standing  
  • air curtains

Low noise, ultra slim cassette or duct variants are available for applications such as hotels.

Whichever air conditioning option you choose, you can be sure that, at its heart, will beat a highly efficient and flexible VRF unit. 


How do VRF air conditioners work?

Inverters respond to the changes in the temperature requirements in an air conditioned space by controlling a variable speed compressor, or multiple compressors of varying capacity. A sophisticated control system switches switches between cooling and heating modes.

More advanced inverter systems allow indoor units to heat or cool independently of others in different zones in the building, providing energy savings when heating and cooling are required at the same time.

Split or Multi Split Air Conditioning

Designed to cool or heat small to medium sized spaces, a split or multi split air conditioner is the simple and effective choice to air condition one or more rooms.

multi-split air con is a versatile yet affordable air conditioning solution

Available in wall, floor, cassette and ducted types and a variety of options, this familiar form of air conditioning is most often found in retail units, offices and homes.

Split air conditioning

Split air conditioners are ideal for a single room and form a ‘pair’ by connection to a single outdoor unit. They are appropriate for smaller installations.

Multi Split air conditioning 

Multi split air conditioners are used to serve several rooms and allow individual control of each indoor unit in the same mode – to heat or cool. Typically a single outdoor can power up to nine indoor units. These units come in many different styles and sizes to suit each room and can be ducted, floor, wall or ceiling mounted in a cassette style.

The energy consumption of one outdoor unit which powers a number of indoor units is much less than the sum of  a number of  units with individual splits – typically up to 35% . You will also save on the space needed for the outdoor units and easier installation.

Larger application?

A VRF air conditioning system will be more appropriate. It provides the ultimate in energy efficiency, flexibility and energy efficiency.

Hybrid Air Conditioners

Clever VRF and Chiller Technology

Hybrid VRF optimises the benefits of refrigerant and water to deliver the best of both worlds.

It combines the comfort and flexibility of  traditional VRF chilling but removes the need to use refrigerants in occupied spaces and, with this, the requirement for leak detection equipment.

Legislation has become ever more stringent to protect the environment. This technology makes it easier for a business to achieve its CSR targets

City Multi Hybrid VRF is a 2-pipe heat recovery VRF with water between the Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) and indoor units. You can install and design it as VRF whilst enjoying the features of a Chiller system.

Calculate the size of your air conditioning

To establish this you will need to know what the likely heat gain is in the space you wish to cool. We have created a heat gain calculator for a simple and quick indication of what your heat load might be. It assumes a reasonable level of insulation to walls, roof or ceiling.  It does not replace the need for expert advise by an HVAC design engineer and a far more complex calculation of  heat loads.

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