Ventilation. Simply add Air Conditioning.

Our blog this month is all about ventilation and heat recovery. Critical stuff. 

Why ventilate?

We all know the importance of good insulation. It’s an essential part in creating an energy efficient place of work. Trouble is modern levels of insulation can cause its own problems. Wrapping your premises in an almost impermeable and air-tight jacket means restricting the supply of fresh outdoor air, and this is a buildings life blood.

the problem is we all live and work in highly insulated buildings

The thing is, effective ventilation is just as important for a healthy and productive workplace, and it’s an often overlooked consideration. Fresh air is a necessity in order to replenish the supply of oxygen and to expel carbon dioxide along with other pollutants.

So what’s the answer?

As usual it’s technology. In this case it comes in the shape of a box with a code like LGH-RVXT-E, GUG-SL-E or GUF-RD4 on the label. I am referring to the Mitsibushi Lossnay heat recovery ventilation unit. The nifty trick of the Lossnay is to extract stale air but at the same time recover the heating or cooling energy to warm or cool incoming fresh air.

Other manufacturers have similar products, but the Mitsibushi is the usual preferred choice of our engineers. Our experience shows it really is very good, and in a variety of premises types. Clean Air have installed the Lossnay as a part of a climate control system in offices, schools, retail outlets, banks and restaurants, indeed any area where comfort and freshness are paramount.

How does it work?

Put simply, it perfects the art of waste energy recovery. In the case of the Lossnay, the ‘ace up the sleeve’ is the heat exchange unit. It utilises a nifty cross flow plate fin structure where the inlet and exhaust air supplies are separated by a diaphragm made of specially processed paper. This has superior heat-transfer and moisture permeability properties. The result is highly efficient total heat exchange (temperature and humidity) where air supplies cross.

The results

Naturally the main benefit is clean and fresh air. Improved air quality and comfort add up to a great place to work, shop, learn or exercise. And, happy staff or customers are likely to be more productive or stay longer.

ventilate the energy efficient way

The other big draw is to reduce energy bills. The Lossnay’s unique paper core helps capture up to 80% of the energy otherwise lost when stale indoor air is replaced with fresh outdoor air.

Then there’s Part L2 of the building regulations, where the need for fresh air in building design has remained the same and so –  by virtue of its basic principal and efficiency in heat recovery – the Lossnay helps you meet the challenges of current regulations.

Take a look again at the Mitsubishi Lossnay, it could be your ticket to both effective ventilation and energy efficient climate controlled fresh air….