Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner. A Cut Above the Rest

It’s a big claim. A cooling or heating partner who’ll beat the best in the business. 

But then DQP is a difficult club to belong to. Such a partnership is only awarded to an elite few who can demonstrate that they meet the deliberately high bar set for entry. To maintain complete trust and transparency in the Diamond Quality Partner programme, Mitsubishi Electric use independent auditors. These auditors vet, ratify and review the work of members to ensure high standards are set and maintained. 

The satisfaction of a job well done

cooling and heating DQP partnerNow I’ll admit a bias. We at Clean Air were one of the very first to be awarded such a coveted status. So yes, I might not be as objective as I should be, and OK I am sure there are other great contractors out there somewhere, but it was a big honour for our team to be recognised. As a heating engineer remarked when hearing the news in the middle of a complicated repair to a warmer blower, “well that warms the heart just like this will very soon!” It’s all about the satisfaction of a job well done.

So what exactly is a Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner? 

The big idea of the Partner Programme is to ensure the highest possible standards for the supply of equipment and the design and installation workmanship in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling. The scheme is open to any HVAC contractor regardless of their size, but only those companies able to meet the exacting standards achieve DQP status. After all it’s the highest level of endorsement and support that Mitsubishi Electric can offer.

How will it make a difference to you? 

Well first there’s the reassurance of knowing that a long list of qualifying standards have to be met to even be considered eligible for DQP.

There is a (very) long list of necessary industry accreditations and insurances – easy for Clean Air,  we already have them all.  Then the qualifications and training required of our cooling and heating engineers. Again easy, ours already receive regular and intensive training, it’s a fundamental to being the best.

Our application also involved submitting examples of recently completed projects for audit. The supporting bundle we provided included information on everything from our cooling and heating designs to the installation of HVAC plant, or the administration of the contract and health and safety procedures on site.

What can a DQP Partner offer that others cannot

A lot! The bottom line of course is the trust in a Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner to be the best and most reliable installer of air conditioning and heating systems. Then the assurance that you will receive the best quality aftercare. But there is a lot more than this…

Firstly, how about up to seven year warranty on a range of Mitsubishi cooling, ventilation or heating units?

Secondly, there’s the dedicated technical support team at Mitsubishi who are available to our engineers on a priority service 24/7. They will help to speedily diagnose faults and offer solutions to all sorts of plant problems. The financial benefit of this will be immediately apparent to anyone with a busy office, factory, warehouse or public building. Productive buildings are reliant upon adequate climate control and anything that helps to avoid downtime, disruption or discomfort is likely to save money.

Another great benefit is the exclusive training DQP engineers receive from the Mitsubishi technical training team. Mitsubishi have years’ of product experience, industry knowledge and industry qualifications and these in-depth training courses are the perfect opportunity for engineers to hone their skills in heating, cooling and ventilation.

So is a DQP Partner a shining example to follow?

As an exemplar that sets the standard in cooling, heating or ventilation, it’s an HVAC yes from Clean Air. The Diamond Quality Standard offers a bright future for contractors and clients alike.