Clean Air by Name. Clean Air by Nature.

It’s Clean Air Day on the 5th June. Time for a plug.

Clean Air, our business and the dayClean Air group the natural HVAC choice

Clean Air Group wholeheartedly endorse this worthy UN initiative. It is one which accords very closely with our own values as a socially and environmentally responsible business. Indeed it is more than a happy co-incidence that Clean Air is named as it is. For over thirty years it has reflected the value we place on air quality in the workplace, and for the need for a clean, fresh, unpolluted environment. Our strap line – creating a better work environment – says it all.

So what’s the problem?

Well to pick just one – air pollution. It’s now a huge problem. The British Heart Foundation found that even short term inhalation of polluted air increases the risk of a heart attack occurring within just 24 hours of exposure. The introduction of the Clean Air Strategy by the UK Government will not only look at outdoor air pollution but also take a look at the emerging health issue of managing air quality indoors. We take our own responsibilities on this very seriously.

Managing indoor air quality is a subject that has appeared on the Clean Air blog before, and something that we as a company specialise in. As mentioned in our previous blog, Lossnay ventilation systems do a great job at removing stale air in a building, but it is the CoolBreeze QAD230 Evaporative Coolers that are not only great at improving indoor air quality but also offer a really environmentally friendly option for cooling.

evaporative cooling saves money and is greenHow does it work?

Unlike air conditioning, Evaporative Coolers do not run using CFC’s which can be released into and damage the atmosphere. There are minimal energy demands and the units connect to a mains water supply.

Fresh air is constantly drawn over water soaked pads, and as the water evaporates from the pads, it removes the heat from the air. Not only does this provide a flow of fresh, cool outdoor air, it also drastically improves the quality of the air coming into the building as it will filter dust and pollen in the air, ensuring a cool, comfortable atmosphere and a healthier working environment.

The fresh air being pumped into the working area will help with problems such as sick building syndrome, and help improve productivity and morale of staff, making it a great option for workplace cooling or replenishing air supply in buildings.

The World Environment Day win-win

World Environment Day highlights the need to raise awareness about particularly pressing environmental concerns that need tackling if we are to protect our planet and live sustainably so that resources are available for future generations.

The need for improved air quality is one of the concerns that has been in the press a lot recently. It is a problem on our streets but also in our workplaces, and evaporative cooling may just be the answer to improving air quality in the latter.

Next time you are considering how to cool your premises take a look at the clever, but oh so simple, technologies like evaporative cooling. They will save you money but also help save the planet. #WorldEnvironmentDay – it’s a win-win, corporate environmental responsibility and great financial sense.