Heating. Beat the Beast from the East.

If your workplace is suffering from the chills, you need commercial heating that will beat the Beast from East… 

At Clean Air we know all too well the cost of the cold. It’s not just enforced downtime caused by unreliable or inadequate heating that costs. Employees find it difficult to concentrate in a cold, draughty workplaces. According to research by Cornell University an office temperature of 68 degrees or less can increase on-the-job error by 44%. This could result in a 10% increase in hourly labour costs.

The ideal work environment

Popular opinion suggests the ideal temperature for employee productivity is between 21 and 25 degrees C. Achieving this can present a challenge. The solution must be reliable and energy efficient. It must have low running costs and carbon emissions. The installation needs to be painless and avoid downtime.

The answer is actually quite simple

Choosing a heating system that is specifically designed for your premises and one that has been specified by experts who know the best plant on the market. The process begins with an extensive site survey to establish your requirements and those of the building and occupants. From here the expertise and experience of the heating engineers comes to the fore. Using factors like building construction and occupation (plant and people), heating loads are calculated. Then a broad range of solutions are considered before final recommendations are made. There are a bewildering array of options. The thing is which one is right for you? It might be a floor- standing gas-fired warm air heater or a hot water system. Or perhaps a radiant heater or hot air curtain. Then there is the fuel – is it gas, oil or LPG?

Bewildered – don’t be!

A good design engineer will ensure that the investment you make is both cost effective and fit for purpose. They know the good from the bad, the incredibly efficient and robust from the rubbish. Ultimately they know any system is only as good as its weakest link, and very often this is simply poor design, specification or installation.